This is what Harvard Medical School has to say about selenium benefits:

“Selenium acts as an antioxidant, neutralizing unstable molecules that can damage cells. Helps regulate thyroid hormone activity”

Recommended amount 55 mcg for men and for women

Best form of selenium is selenomethionine.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be as resilient as a penguin? I mean that wouldn’t it be nice to be able to endure any cold, moist or winter breeze without getting a sore throat every time? Heck, penguins are cool and they dress sharp but this post is not about penguins. This post is about selenium.

Selenium is a heavy metal which holds many important tasks in your body. It boosts your immune functions. It helps to protect your thyroid. It fights against neurodegenerative symptoms. It shown to have an anti cancer benefits. Selenium is one of the key ingredients when it comes to well-functioning immune system. Your master antioxidant, glutathione needs to have a proper amount of selenium available to work at it’s optimal level. All these functions which selenium dictates leads to many other health benefits. These benefits include better hair and better nails for instance.

I like to supplement with 200 mcg of selenium per day. It might be little bit a hard dose, so for that reason I sometimes skip a day. There just isn’t sound enough science which would tell the best amount exactly. I like to hit things hard so I take that 200 mcg. You will most likely benefit from dosage of 100 mcg or 55 mcg a day. Make your dose what ever (not overdose), science shows that it’s much better to supplement this than not.

What do I think that selenium does to me? I hardly ever experience flues, colds, fevers or what is there. For this I like to give a lot of credit to selenium. My nails and hair are pretty damn good, sometimes almost acclaimed. Hair and nail thing is also something that you better keep on eye when you want to monitor if your selenium intake is at good level. When you have too much selenium (or too little too) it shows in your nails as white spots. Too little or too much selenium is also factor in hair loss. Like in everything, the perfect is in the middle.

5 top selenium benefits

1. Prevent cancer
2. Support my immune system
3. Keep thyroids healthy
4. Protects brain
5. Have a great hair and nails

iHerb supplement reviews Strong daily 10

  1. Fish Oil
  2. Vitamin-D
  3. Magnesium
  4. Zinc
  5. Selenium
  6. Vitamin-B’s
  7. Vitamin-K
  8. CoQ10
  9. Kelp (iodine)
  10. Copper

iHerb supplement benefits:

What supplements should I take3Fish Oil

  1. Supports my brain health
  2. Keeps my heart in great condition
  3. Energizes my mornings
  4. Seems to regulate my blood pressure
  5. It’s good for preventing dry eyes

Fish oil benefits

What supplements should I take4Vitamin D

  1. Prevents skin cancer
  2. Supports my heart’s autonomic functions
  3. May prevent a wide range of diseases
  4. Anti-depression effect
  5. I don’t get sunburns easily

Vitamin D benefits

What supplements should I take10Magnesium

  1. Better sleep quality
  2. Supposed bone health benefits (fracture count 0 after supplement)
  3. Much better firing musculature
  4. Lowered blood pressure
  5. Recovery aid from exercises

Magnesium benefits

What supplements should I take9Zinc

  1. Testosterone boost!
  2. Antioxidant benefits
  3. No flues
  4. Promotes my clean muscle mass
  5. Supposed cardiovascular health benefits

Zinc benefits

What supplements should I take2Selenium

  1. Prevents cancer
  2. Supports my immune system
  3. Keeps my thyroids healthy
  4. Protects my brain
  5. Gives great hair and nails

Selenium benefits

What supplements should I take8Vitamin B’s

  1. Energy level booster!
  2. Cardiovascular health and longevity
  3. Increased mental alertness
  4. Sex hormone boost (along with other supplements)
  5. Cell level function enhancer

Vitamin B’s benefits

What supplements should I take6Vitamin K

  1. Cardiovascular health
  2. Bone density improvement
  3. Cancer prevention
  4. Keeps insulin in check
  5. Longevity!

Vitamin K benefits

What supplements should I take7CoQ10

  1. Supports my longevity goals
  2. Keeps my heart in great condition
  3. Less eye fatigue
  4. Gives me steady energy
  5. My skin is fabulous!

Q10 benefits

What supplements should I take5Kelp (iodine)

  1. Thermogenesis booster (burns calories!)
  2. Supports my metabolism functions
  3. Cardiovascular health promotion
  4. Water and electrolyte balance
  5. The key to proper thyroid function!

Kelp benefits

What supplements should I takeCopper

  1. Increase my red blood cells
  2. Supposed bone health benefits (Fracture count 0 after supplement)
  3. Supports my nervous system
  4. Better mitochondria function
  5. More efficient energy conversion from oxygen and food.

Copper benefits

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