iHerbs supplement reviews Strong daily 10

  1. Fish Oil
  2. Vitamin-D
  3. Magnesium
  4. Zinc
  5. Selenium
  6. Vitamin-B’s
  7. Vitamin-K
  8. CoQ10
  9. Kelp (iodine)
  10. Copper

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iHerbs supplement benefits:

What supplements should I take3Fish Oil

  1. Supports my brain health
  2. Keeps my heart in great condition
  3. Energizes my mornings
  4. Seems to regulate my blood pressure
  5. It’s good for preventing dry eyes

Fish oil benefits
I take from 5 to 10 grams of fish oil per day. I use a product that has added vitamin-E. As your eyes are the windows to your soul, EPA and DHA are the windows and doors to your cells. Your body absolutely needs these two fatty acids to function well. EPA and DHA allows for your nutrients and nerve signals to work the right way at cellular level.

What supplements should I take4Vitamin D

  1. Prevents skin cancer
  2. Supports my heart’s autonomic functions
  3. May prevent a wide range of diseases
  4. Anti-depression effect
  5. I don’t get sunburns easily

Vitamin D benefits
I take anything from 0 to 125 mcg (5000 iu) of vitamin-D per day. Always when I know that there is a natural supplement that has a pathway to effect my body positively at gene-level, I’m a Dumbo, all ears. Vitamin-D does just that. Vitamin-D is not a vitamin at all. It’s a steroid hormone that drives countless of functions in human body. Everybody above or below 35 degrees from the equator should supplement with vitamin-D in winter time.

What supplements should I take10Magnesium

  1. Better sleep quality
  2. Supposed bone health benefits (fracture count 0 after supplement)
  3. Much better firing musculature
  4. Lowered blood pressure
  5. Recovery aid from exercises

Magnesium benefits
I take from 300 to 500 mg of magnesium citrate per day. It’s the 11th most abundant mineral in human body. Magnesium is crucial for many functions in the body. It’s an electrolyte that keeps up the fluid balance. It’s a factor in nerve signaling. It has calming benefits. This is the supplement that gives you the benefits almost right of the bat.

What supplements should I take9Zinc

  1. Testosterone boost!
  2. Antioxidant benefits
  3. No flues
  4. Promotes my clean muscle mass
  5. Supposed cardiovascular health benefits

Zinc benefits
I take 30 mg of chelated zinc per day. This is a hugely important nutrient. It is an antioxidant, thyroid protector and it’s a factor in the function of many hormones. I feel that zinc does wonders to my libido and my sex-hormone levels.

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What supplements should I take2Selenium

  1. Prevents cancer
  2. Supports my immune system
  3. Keeps my thyroids healthy
  4. Protects my brain
  5. Gives great hair and nails

Selenium benefits
I take 200 mcg of selenium every night. I like to time this to the late night to reload my thyroid. Selenium is an important nutrient for thyroid hormone formation.

What supplements should I take8Vitamin B’s

  1. Energy level booster!
  2. Cardiovascular health and longevity
  3. Increased mental alertness
  4. Sex hormone boost (along with other supplements)
  5. Cell level function enhancer

Vitamin B’s benefits
I take one vitamin-B-Complex once a day. There are eight different vitamin-B’s. They work as boosters for our energy conversion. You need to have vitamin-B in order to get the maximum benefits from your food. All of the B’s can be found from B-Complex pills. That’s handy. I like to time taking my vitamin-B’s at night because I want to support my testosterone hormone production.

What supplements should I take6Vitamin K

  1. Cardiovascular health
  2. Bone density improvement
  3. Cancer prevention
  4. Keeps insulin in check
  5. Longevity!

Vitamin K benefits
I take 2200 mcg of active vitamin K per day. Vitamin-K is something that is a hard topic to study. Its concentrations in the body are so small. The benefits stated above for vitamin-K are long shots, nonetheless there are disturbing data that show that deficient amounts of vitamin-K lead to strokes and internal bleeding. For this reason I prefer to keep my vitamin-K levels up. I’m not scared of high dosages of vitamin-K, it haven’t been found to be toxic. Besides, 100 g of kale contains over 1000% of daily recommendation of vitamin-K. Studies has shown that adequate amount of K is linked to stronger bones. I like bones…, and turtles.

What supplements should I take7CoQ10

  1. Supports my longevity goals
  2. Keeps my heart in great condition
  3. Less eye fatigue
  4. Gives me steady energy
  5. My skin is fabulous!

Q10 benefits
I take 100 mg of CoQ10 per day. This is my favorite supplement. A coenzyme that is mostly found in your heart muscle. Its job is to protect your lovely heart from oxidation and to help your nervous system to transmit signals.

What supplements should I take5Kelp (iodine)

  1. Thermogenesis booster (burns calories!)
  2. Supports my metabolism functions
  3. Cardiovascular health promotion
  4. Water and electrolyte balance
  5. The key to proper thyroid function!

Kelp benefits
I take one kelp caps per day. It contains 325 mcg of natural iodine. Iodine is something that is very rare in our diet. The human population grew strong and smart probably with the power of the sea and water…, and iodine. Too bad that further away from the sea you live, or less salt water fish you eat, less you get iodine. Iodine is the key mineral for our thyroid health. A great source for iodine is kelp.

What supplements should I takeCopper

  1. Increase my red blood cells
  2. Supposed bone health benefits (Fracture count 0 after supplement)
  3. Supports my nervous system
  4. Better mitochondria function
  5. More efficient energy conversion from oxygen and food.

Copper benefits
I take 2 mg of copper gluconate every other day. Studies shown that lower than 1 mg intake is related to higher mortality. We all got to die sometime, I’d wish to die sometime later.

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