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iHerb USA free shipping with coupon XEB122 saving lifes!

iHerb USA! Enjoy the free shipping for all orders above 20$ with the coupon XEB122!

iHerb USA customers enjoys the best of what iHerb has to offer! With the coupon code WELCOME5 You’ll receive 5% off from your first order + 10% as loyalty credits for all orders you ever place.

As an American customer you also enjoy free shipping for all orders above 20$! Free shipping, 5% off from first order and 10% reward credits from all orders! That’s crazy good value.

How to receive free shipping and discounts?

To activate your coupon code is now easier than ever! You’ll receive 5% off from your first order + 10% as loyalty credits for all orders you ever place. Plus free shipping for all orders above 20$!

  1. Go to coupon page from the link below or scroll to top of this page.
  2. You’ll find link to iHerb.com. Click it and iHerbs website opens in a new window.
  3. The discount code is automatically activated from the link.
  4. You’re done. Enjoy your iHerb shopping, 5% discount and 10% loyalty credits!

Free shipping for the products that are already cheaper

For USA citizen is a no-brainer to order your vitamins, supplements, cosmetics and other natural products from iHerb.com. You’ll save hundreds, maybe thousands if you’re as active health nut as we here at pssupplementreviews are. 🙂 We are Finnish based and we don’t enjoy as wide benefits from iHerb as you do. We still manage to save A LOT!

Fast shipping without the courier service

The normal postal shipping, called expedited shipping works fast. This is partly made possible because of the huge volume that iHerb sends out daily. Often the order is processed and shipped out in few hours after placing it!

Customers on west coast are reporting the swiftness of the shipping in an awe.

iHerb rewards system in 2016

The new rewards system is amazing. It treats all customers and all sized orders equally. From now on You’ll receive 10% from all order as loyalty credits to be used in your next order. This is simple and supportive way of implementing customer loyalty rewarding.

The loyalty credits expires in two month. It’s just about the right window for most reorders. That’s great.

You don’t have to use all credits in one order. Let’s say that you ordered 120$ worth of supplements and cosmetics. You received 12$ as loyalty credits. You forgot to buy, lets say a selenium, you can then use these credits to buy that item and still be left with credits, plus the new credits from your selenium purchase. (Sure in this example you’d have to take in consideration the shipping cost for the selenium bottle…, but you’ll get the picture)

The benefits for USA customers doesn’t end here

iHerb is constantly giving out great extras. From the front page you’ll find banners for the ongoing weekly campaigns and other items in the spotlight.

From top bar, from Trials section you find small packages of your favorite supplements and products. You can sometimes save a lot money for one weeks supply of specific supplement.

From top bar Specials section you’ll find a daily special product for huge, up to 80% discount. There’s also pages for clearances items, weekly discounted brands and more!

iHerb USA Take-away!

  1. The best valued natural supplements and cosmetics!
  2. Save 5% from your first order with the coupon code XEB122!
  3. Free shipping for all domestic orders above 20$!
  4. Fast shipping especially to west coast customers.
  5. Amazing new customer loyalty program. 10% rewards from all orders!

OMG folks, I’m moving to America!

We wish from the bottom of your hearts that you’ll find pleasant and beneficial information from your website. You can always contact us via our page iHerb.coupon.code.XEB122 @ Facebook.

iHerb coupon code XEB122! USA

iherb coupon code XEB122
Verified iHerb coupon code. No expire date. 5% off + 10% as loyalty credits!
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