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Welcome to iHerb Hong Kong!

Purchasing and importing supplements has never been easier, safer, or cheaper. Sit back and bask in the fact that you are now one of the thousands of people from Hong Kong who enjoys everything that iHerb offers.

As a thank you for joining, iHerb is offering a 5% discount and a 10% rewards for your first order from the online store.

Promo update 2017! How to receive your discount?

To activate your coupon code is now easier than ever! You’ll receive 5% off from your first order + 10% as loyalty credits for all orders you ever place.

  1. Go to coupon page from the link below or scroll to top of this page.
  2. You’ll find link to iHerb.com. Click it and iHerbs website opens in a new window.
  3. The discount code is automatically activated from the link.
  4. You’re done. Enjoy your iHerb shopping, 5% discount and 10% loyalty credits!

All of the iHerb coupons are of the same value so there is no need to try and find a better discount. To receive your 5% gift, just click on the banner at the top and it will take you straight to iHerb.com site.

That first 5% saving and 10% discount is but the first taste of what specials and savings iHerb has to offer. Save a TON of money by buying your health products, vitamins, supplements, and more from iHerb!
⦁ Cheap, Yet Quality Goods!
⦁ Static shipping costs, beginning from as little as $4USD!
⦁ Constant discounts to make your jaw drop!
⦁ Amazing selection with more than 35 000 top notch products!
⦁ Consistent reward system!

Ordering your iHerb items from Hong Kong means that if your total purchase is under $80USD and weighs under 4lbs, then Airmail is a method of delivery that is available to you. This way, you can bypass any extra tax or customs costs that will be applied from the delivery. It is ALWAYS important, however, to know the laws and rules regarding food, drink, supplement, medications etc. within your country/region that may be banned.

As mentioned above very briefly, iHerb’s online store always has many sales or specials on offer, with an amazing number of discounts applied to their already low product prices. Sometimes you may find that the delivery fee is taken away/waived, other times you may receive free items and gifts with your purchase. It’s always something to reward you for visiting the iHerb store and to entice you to come back. iHerb genuinely cares about its customer service and does its best to provide!

After getting your iHerb HK discount code (listed above), before you checkout visit the iHerb stores deals, sales, specials, and trials for further savings!

Applying Your Coupon Code

Click on the links that have been made available to you located at the top of at the bottom of this page.
You can check to see if it has been applied via the shopping cart menu.
If for any reason your discount is not being applied, or there are some technical issues, then get in touch with us via our Facebook page. We do our best to help. (CouponCodeXEB122@Facebook).

Why iHerb is the Right Choice

iHerb is the way to go when it comes to all your vitamin, supplement, grocery, dietary, health, and beauty/cosmetic products because they offer:
⦁ Savings on a CRAZY scale!
⦁ Top quality products!
⦁ 5% discounts on orders over $40USD
⦁ Selections that match (and exceed) that of physical stores!
⦁ Cheaper than physical stores!

About iHerb

iHerb is an online store that is dedicated to providing high quality products in a variety of categories, such as:
⦁ Vitamins
⦁ Dietary needs
⦁ Supplements
⦁ Cosmetic/Beauty products
⦁ Super foods
⦁ Natural products
⦁ Herbs

Offering a speedy and safe payment process and transaction, iHerb is your number one stop for all of the above!
Many customers have left testimonials that have expressed the benefits of using iHerb’s products and how happy they have been. People all over the world have ordered iHerb products and been members for many years. There has rarely been ANY returns or complaints in regards to the products and iHerb aims to keep it this way, providing the very best that they can. Many people back iHerb as their number 1 choice for supplements and more.

Many people can be skeptical at first, but the best thing about iHerb is that there are absolutely no cons to using the their services! One could bring up the argument of smaller, physical stores being put out of business, but as technology and capitalism continue to advance hand in hand, it may be inevitable sooner rather than later. Still, it isn’t because of luck that iHerb is so successful. It is their great options and service!

The goal of the first 5% store credit and 10% discount to entice users to sample and begin trying some of iHerb’s products. This is a great way to get people into the mindset of coming back and testing products before making a full commitment to them. Rest assured that once you do however, you will never want to leave the iHerb website!

With its efficient and distinct layout and formatting, using and navigating around the website is a breeze. All you need to do it click on the required categories and you will be instantly transported to that page. Headings and sub-headings are concise and easy to understand, so clicking on any of them brings you to the relevant sections. Again, the same is true with the shopping cart and checkout process. Never worry about any hassles or headaches when using the iHerb services. Eventually, even suggestion are provided in regards to what you have previously bought or seen, it really is a fantastically designed website!

There is no reason that you shouldn’t visit iHerb today, so what are you waiting for?

Cheap Prices for Top Quality Goods

As mentioned previously, there are a number of very low cost alternatives that are available on iHerb that will save you A LOT of money in regards to other stores. Yet, the products offered don’t represent their reflective prices. All of iHerb’s products are of the highest quality and you can find a number of low cost, but high quality supplements, vitamins, and much more! Did you know that simply using iHerb’s website can net you more than $200USD on the same products as physical shops, every year? This is due to the many sales and specials that iHerb has on offer daily.

“The best priced value for ANY natural products” -iHerb.com

Find What You’re Looking For!

iHerb can guarantee that when you are browsing for a specific product, you will more than likely find it! iHerb strives to make sure that their stock is constantly filled with the products that are advertised. There is nothing worse than finding something at a steal and then realizing you were too late. Even if this does occur during your visit, there are a plethora of different options that are available, while still maintaining exactly what you were looking for (apart from brand name of course).

iHerb has a large number of different categories ranging from herbs, bath products, groceries, sports products, babies products, home and pet items, beauty/cosmetic products, supplements, vitamins, and many other dietary requirements. Whatever it is that you select you can be sure that iHerb is a safe and secure platform for you to spend countless hours browsing their products.

Simple to Use- Cart and Checkout

There has never been a n easier to use process than that located at the iHerb website. Even computer illiterate users can navigate their way around and conduct purchases quickly and effectively!

Shopping at iHerb

The shopping cart provides the summary of what you are ordering once you reach the checkout phase. Again, the design is simple and easy to understand displaying a variety of different information like shipping weight and costs, prices, quantities, and any sales, discounts, or rewards that are applicable.
The shopping cart and checkout section are all more than safe for customers to take part in and as the site implements a 256-bit encryption, access to your information is extremely limited and/or impossible to hack!

Please note that as iHerb is a respectable business, they will NEVER add on any extra or hidden fees like some retailers try to get away with.

iHerb Check-Out

Again, this is a summary of all your delivery and payment details ASWELL as everything your shopping cart previously displayed. With the same design of simplicity and ease of use, you can view your delivery address and method, billing address and method, shopping cart, and of course, your order total.
Please remember that everything on the iHerb website is encrypted with the secure 256-bit program but your information will be saved for future convenience when ordering iHerb products. You can ask for them to be removed via the iHerb website contact if you prefer.

Payment Process and Deliveries

With a quick and speedy delivery process, it is just another reason to begin involving yourself with the iHerb love affair! Most orders are usually sent out within 24 hours of receiving payment, depending on how big or small they are. However, if you live in the US you will receive the order even quicker since they are a US company. In all international orders, it may take up to 2 weeks to arrive but at the same time, it is still better than most other online (and physical) companies. Even with the waiting time, once you get your order, there are never any complaints to be had. The products are 100% awesome as iHerb takes pride in its service.

iHerb accepts most forms of payment, including:
⦁ PayPal
⦁ All major credit cards
⦁ and
⦁ Visa-Electron
Unfortunately with internet based currencies and the like, iHerb is unable to accept this form of payment (for example Bit-Coin).
Let your mind be at ease in the knowledge that iHerb’s 256-bit encryption keeps ALL of your data and personal information safe and sound.

iHerb (Super) Food and Drink

iHerb’s selection even extends to everyday items that you can find in your household, such as:
⦁ Coffee
⦁ Honey
⦁ Tea
⦁ Seeds
⦁ Ghee
and so much more!

Take a look through the catalogue now and see what you can find for yourself!
Save time when ordering your supplements or vitamins and get some of your groceries at the same time for a steal!

iHerb HK take-away:

  1. Cheap, Yet Quality Goods for all your supplement and health needs!
  2. Static shipping costs, beginning from as little as $4USD!
  3. Constant discounts to make your jaw drop!
  4. First time orders receive 5% discounts!
  5. Amazing selection with more than 35 000 top notch products!
  6. Consistent reward system that lets you keep on earning!
  7. Online website offering all the same benefits of physical shop fronts, at reduced prices!

Amazingly low prices for top quality supplements and health products!
An online store that offers all of the products available at physical shop fronts with lower prices and much more!
Reliable, and dependable product supplier!
Receive an initial reward and continue earning!

I hope to see you all at the wonderful world of iHerb! Enjoy the 5% discount! Take care and have a blast!

iHerb coupon code XEB122! Hong Kong

iherb coupon code XEB122
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