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The people in Canada enjoy the great products, prices and service from iHerb.com. Use the coupon code XEB122 to save money from your first order. This will give you 5% off + 10% rewards from your first order. Remember that all coupons are exactly the same in value. No need to search any further.

To import supplements is easy, save and cheap with iHerb. Thousands of Canadians enjoy the low prices of iHerb every month. Welcome aboard!

Promo update 2017! How to receive your discount?

To activate your coupon code is now easier than ever! You’ll receive 5% off from your first order + 10% as loyalty credits for all orders you ever place.

  1. Go to coupon page from the link below or scroll to top of this page.
  2. You’ll find link to iHerb.com. Click it and iHerbs website opens in a new window.
  3. The discount code is automatically activated from the link.
  4. You’re done. Enjoy your iHerb shopping, 5% discount and 10% loyalty credits!

Shopping at iHerb isn’t about getting one time 5% off discount. You will find out that shopping vitamins, supplements and other natural products from there is a money saver!

iHerb Canada best picks

  1. Low prices!
  2. Fixed rate shipping cheap as 4$!
  3. Ongoing great discounts
  4. Huge selection, over 35 000 brand products!
  5. Great rewards system

Precautions for Canadian customers

iHerb Canada custom regulations are tight but not expensive. Follow this guideline to minimize or eliminate the possible TAX and customs fees. As a Canadian customer keep your orders small, under 4 pounds and below 40 USD. To play save, order for maximum amount of 20 USD. Use the Airmail!

Be aware of any Canadian custom regulations. Some products can be prohibited in your country. There are some precautions that you should take into consideration before ordering.


Please be aware of possible custom and TAX practices in Canada!

Do not order following substances:

  1. DHEA
  2. Pregnenolone
  3. Androstenedione
  4. Human Growth Hormone
  5. Products containing Vitamin K

Import Taxes

You may have to pay import taxes and/or customs duties. Keep your orders small (under 4 pounds) and under 40 USD. Orders of 20 USD or below should void all tax and custom expenses.
DHL and UPS may charge you with additional handling fees, so you should avoid them all together.

Choose iHerb

You cant shop for natural products, vitamins and supplement cheaper anywhere else. For 40 USD and above orders you’ll get -5% extra discount. You’ll find much broader variety of natural products from iHerb than from brick and mortar store. Shipping rates are extremely low.

iHerb does a nice gesture of remembering its customers every time you shop there. You can choose to have a samples of quality products with as little money as 0.10 USD. They have daily discounts from various products with up to -75% off. You may have campaigns where shipping is on the house. They also place a small tokens of appreciations in your orders, like pens, lip balm, magnifying glass etc. Of course you would shop there regardless of these little things, but it’s still a nice gesture behalf of iHerb.

Remember to take advantage of the Trials, Super Specials and Clearances! When using this XEB122 code for the first time you can have a free product!

How is the coupon applied?

Code is activated automatically when you click on the iHerb coupon link above or at the end of this article. You can verify that the discount is in place from shopping cart screen.


shopping cart screen at iHerb.com

Do you have any questions about applying the code, please contact us at Facebook page iHerb Coupon Code XEB122 @ Facebook We’ll do our best to help. You can read more in depth article about iHerb coupon code <- here.

iHerb Canada take-away:

  1. Safe up to 5% + 10% OFF!
  2. Low shipping rates, only 4 dollars!
  3. Reliable seller
  4. Save a lot of money compared to Canada based companies
  5. Get you own rewards code and start earning!

We wish you a great shopping experiences with iHerb.com!

iHerb coupon code XEB122! Canada

iherb coupon code XEB122
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