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iHerb Australia – Save 5% + 10% as rewards coupon XEB122!

iHerb Australia – Coupon Code XEB122

iHerb Australia offers you the best natural product and supplement prices. Save further with the coupon code XEB122, 5% + 10% as rewards. Enjoy your new, cheaper, healthier way of life!

Import supplements with ease, safely, and at a price that won’t break your bank account. You have just joined hundreds upon hundreds of other Australians who are enjoying ALL the benefits iHerb has to offer. Welcome to iHerb Australia!

Promo update 2017! How to receive your discount?

To activate your coupon code is now easier than ever! You’ll receive 5% off from your first order + 10% as loyalty credits for all orders you ever place.

  1. Go to coupon page from the link below or scroll to top of this page.
  2. You’ll find link to iHerb.com. Click it and iHerbs website opens in a new window.
  3. The discount code is automatically activated from the link.
  4. You’re done. Enjoy your iHerb shopping, 5% discount and 10% loyalty credits!

All of iHerbs discount coupons have the same value. No need to search further.

If you are having some trouble with your discount or it doesn’t seem to be activating, then please contact us on our iHerb Facebook page, iHerb.Coupon.Code.XEB122@Facebook and we will contact you to rectify the situation as fast as possible.

What does iHerb offer?

Even after a free first time discount of 5%, iHerbs prices and selection can offer you a way to save even MORE money when purchasing iHerb supplements, vitamins, and other products compared to on land stores.
⦁ Low Cost/High Quality Products!
⦁ Fixed delivery fees starting from $4!
⦁ Regular, amazing discounts!
⦁ Diverse and large catalogue with over 35 000 brand name products!
⦁ Awesome rewards platform!

Since you are ordering iHerb products from Australia, if your order is under $80US (and is no more than 4lbs) then you have the option to use Airmail. Using this shipping method may allow you to avoid any Tax or custom fees that may incur from importing supplements and other natural products. Before ordering however, please be aware of the customs regulations that are in place in regards to food, supplement, drink, or any other items that may be illegal.

When you visit the iHerb online store, they often give you some sort of gift, treat, or sale available. They tend to have many initiatives carried out for many of our products, such removing our shipping costs altogether (for a limited time only), free items or gifts with your purchases, sample products, and others of the like. Nice way to say thank you for purchasing our products in the first place. Customer service means the world at iHerb!

When you receive your free discount coupon code (XEB122), be sure to browse through all of available specials, clearance sales, and trial products! Click here for more information.

iHerb offers amazing loyalty rewards system. Read more about it from this separated article: iHerb Rewards System

Why Should I Choose iHerb?

A few reasons actually:
⦁ Amazingly low prices for top quality supplements and health products!
⦁ Any order will grant you a 10% loyalty credits!
⦁ An online store that offers all of the products available at physical shop fronts, and much more!
⦁ Save more money than from physical shop fronts!

So What Exactly is iHerb?

iHerb is a massive online vitamin, dietary, supplement, cosmetic, super food, natural, and herbal store. With quick and efficient checkouts and payment processes, you can count on a fast and dependable delivery!

My personal iHerb experience for the last 5 years is that I have never been happier with any other supplement supplier. With over 30 orders placed since joining, every order and delivery has arrived safe and sound with no hassles or issues (and I live in Finland!). It is for these reasons alone that I can fully endorse and recommend iHerb for your first supplement and vitamin search!

Any Reasons I SHOULDN’T Join iHerb?

I am writing this with 100% genuine honesty. I will never promote a product or a company that I think is not good. The reason I have stayed with them is because they really are absolutely amazing! I really cannot think of any negatives or cons when using iHerb’s services and products.

Sure you can argue the point of taking money or business away from smaller storefronts but capitalism really is the way of the world. You really should be thinking of your own budget and how low the prices are at iHerb (not to mention how good the products are). Using their products has simply made me a happier, healthier person, which in turn spreads to my family, my locale, and my country.

By offering you the first 5% discount, iHerb allows you to try their service for cheap. Trust me, you’ll never want to shop elsewhere! Get ready to join the iHerb family, because they are here to stay.

In the end, there are absolutely NO reasons that you shouldn’t join iHerb.

Competitive Prices and High Quality Products

You can find a large number of low prices for the quality goods at the online iHerb store, but you will also see a number of different products priced for people with all kinds of budgets. Rest assured that no matter the cost, the products are well worth it! After 5 years, I manage to save more than $200US a year on ALL my supplement requirements. Basically at iHerb, it’s like shopping for a special sale every, single day. Yes, it is really that great!

“The best priced value for ANY natural products” -iHerb.com

Diverse Selection of Natural Products

The best thing about iHerb is that you most likely ALWAYS find what you are looking for. There are only very RARE occasions when iHerb will be out of stock and they do their absolute best to make sure that doesn’t happen. With such a myriad of different options to choose from, you will find what you want every time (or at least something very similar to the original if it’s really popular).
iHerb categories consist of:
⦁ Herbs
⦁ Bath
⦁ Groceries
⦁ Sports
⦁ Babies
⦁ Home
⦁ Pets
⦁ Beauty/Cosmetics
⦁ Supplements
⦁ Vitamins
⦁ Dietary Requirements

Stay safe in the knowledge that you can certainly find what you’re looking for from that extensive selection!

User Friendly Shopping and Checkout

With the processes and simple layout of the iHerb website, you will never be confused or unable to carry out navigation or transactions. There is nothing easier to use than the iHerb online store!
Great let’s go shopping!

iHerb Store

As mentioned previously, everything that you find at the iHerb store is user friendly, easily navigated, efficient, and most of all, SAFE! Simply clicking on the categories you are interested in will direct you immediately to that page. Clicking checkout and shopping cart will direct you to those as well. It’s that easy! You will even find that over time suggestions will even be offered based on your previous views and purchases. That is definitely handy!

Shopping Experience

The shopping cart provided by iHerb is one of precision and simplicity. It will provide a summary of quantities, shipping weight/costs, prices, savings and discounts (if applicable) and rewards used and gained.

iHerb checkout is safe and secure! Your details are never given to anyone, and there is a very slim chance that anyone can retrieve your information. iHerb is also proud to note that they NEVER apply any hidden costs or fees. No really, never…


Just as it is with the shopping cart, so it is with the check-out. The same precision and simplicity are applied to this section for your ease and understanding. You are able to view:
⦁ Delivery Address
⦁ Delivery Method
⦁ Billing Address
⦁ Billing Method
⦁ Shopping Cart (with all its information)
⦁ Order Total

All of your personal details and information are saved with their completely secure 256-bit encryption program. This makes sure that the payment process runs without a hitch, and your information saved on the iHerb website for a fast and convenient check-out next time you visit!

Delivery and Payment

As mentioned quite a few times before (because it’s completely true), the process from order to your door is an extremely efficient one. Most of the time (depending on the size and order) iHerb will ship the order out to you within 24 hours of the purchase. If you are a resident of the US then shipping will be even quicker as that is where they are based. If it is international (like in Finland) it may take up to 2 weeks, but that is still pretty damn fast if you ask me. Even though it may take up to two weeks to receive, not once have I ever had to call up and complain or replace my products. That’s a win-win in my book!

iHerb accepts most payment methods and all major credit cards. They accept payments via PayPal and Visa-Electron, but do not use internet based currencies such as Bit-Coin. As stated before, the 256-bit encryption allows your payments to be as safe and secure as you were in a physical store.

Food, Super Food, and Drinks Selections

Not just content with providing supplements and other health products, iHerb even extends to items such as tea, coffee, honey, oil, ghee, seeds, and much more. Save time and order some extra groceries available online for a great price!

iHerb Australia take-away:

⦁ Amazingly low prices for top quality supplements and health products!
⦁ With a coupon XEB122, any first time order will grant you a 5% discount!
⦁ An online store that offers all of the products available at physical shop fronts with lower prices and much more!
⦁ Reliable, and dependable product supplier!
⦁ Receive an initial reward and continue earning!

I hope to see you all at the wonderful world of iHerb! Take care and have a blast!

iHerb coupon code XEB122! Australia

iherb coupon code XEB122
Verified iHerb coupon code. No expire date. 5% off + 10% as loyalty credits!
Price Range: FREE


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