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iHerb ships internationally to over 150 countries

International shipping

iHerb ships internationally to over 150 countries. It’s more than likely that your country is one of these. Below is listed best practices to ordering to specific country. Read about how iHerb works in your beloved land.

한국 쿠폰 코드 – South Korea:

한국 쿠폰 코드 – South Korea






айхерб Россия – Russia – Код Купона





Hong Kong, 购物香港:

HK Hong Kong


Brazil – Importar Suplementos

Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia – آي هيرب – المملكة العربية السعودية

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. I’m only taking very basic supplements like multivitamin and fish oil. Can I benefit from iHerb?

    Yes, you can! 5$ off from your first order is a discount that you really should take advantage of. After that you might need to do some adjustments to save you money. When you only take few supplements should you see if there’s offers for food items that you use in your daily life. You can save in them. Once you have found your favorite groceries along with the supplements, order a double or triple supply of the items. Their stock is renewing  in very fast pace and their items usually have a long shelf life.


  3. I live in country XXXXXX. Do iHerb ship to my country?

    They ship to over 150 countries. You can test that if your country is one of them by adding one item to shopping cart and then select destination country from a drop down menu.


  5. Can I make money with iHerb coupon code?

    Yes, you can indeed! Their rewards system is explained with great details in article:
    iHerb Rewards – The iHerb affiliate program


  7. Is there benefits from other supplements than basic vitamins, minerals and fish oil?

    I can only speak for myself, my family and my clients. Yes, there is visible benefits from the supplements which I’m endorsing on this website. Weight loss, muscle gain, cognition function and overall energy levels can be boosted with proper nutrition in my opinion. We must understand that additional nutrients are only the tip of an ice berg. The base diet of one needs to be in check to harvest the fruits.


  9. What is the free product?

    The free product is a complimentary product that you can receive on behalf of iHerb. When you apply the code XEB122, the price of the product, 5$ is automatically deducted from the order total. At the moment you can choose from a pycnogenol face serum, eight pack of organic lip balm, one month supply of CoQ10 or a high quality blender bottle.


  11. Can I trust iHerb.com and pssupplementreviews.com?

    Yes, you can, because iHerb been in business more than 15 years. I don’t mean just in supplement biz but online natural product business. They’re really amazing company. What comes to pssupplementreviews.com is that it’s a simple health and well-being blog. I have a long history of studying human body, movement, nutrition and mind. This knowledge is been put use and my family and my clients have witnessed remarkable improvements in their lives. I’m really grateful to have this opportunity to give forward the information which once helped me. I’m equally grateful for every time when code XEB122 is used. Remember that all discounts are the same.

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iHerb Free Shipping v2

iHerb Free Shipping for all domestic US orders above 20$

iHerb free shipping

Free shipping is available for all domestic US orders above 20$, thus it’s smart to keep all orders above 20$. For international customers they offers free shipping as special campaigns. Last time they ran the promo was in January to February.

They do not make a big number of their free shipping campaigns. The best way to find out if they have one running is to add items worth 40$ to your shopping cart and then see the shipping options and costs.

There are no special rewards code to iHerb for free shipping either. All promo voucher are the same in value. We wrote a detailed article about the coupon. Click here to find out more about Shop with 5$ discount.

Low shipping rates

Shipping rates are very low as the international airmail costs only 4$. This shipping option is very good despite it is a little bit slow and lacks tracking. These are not good reasons not to use it thou.

International airmail takes from 1 to 3 weeks to deliver. We are hardly never in a such hurry to receive our natural products.

The lack of tracking is not a big concern because iHerb kindly refund for all lost items. And there’s very rarely any problems with lost items or parcels.

The courier services are very reasonable priced too. DHL cost 8$ to most countries.

Get the best rates for your orders

Here in Finland it is best to order small orders, below 40$. This is because after that we need to pay for value added taxes. The similar case might occur in your country too. So do little research to find out the sweet spot order sum for your country. Use Facebook resources for digging the info.

Limitations of regular airmail

With regular airmail you can only order up to 80$ or 1.8 pounds of goods. If you wish to place larger order you need to use courier services. These are DHL or more expensive UPS.

DHL and UPS courier services

These are very fast and reliable shipping methods. They are much more expensive than airmail but sometimes you need to use them.

There are some precautions that you need to take into consideration before using them. These services often have their own customs clearance practices. They might charge you with extra if you’re not careful. Give your local DHL or UPS a call before you place your order.

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iHerb Free Shipping Take-away

  1. USA customers get free shipping to orders 20$ and above
  2. International free shipping campaigns can be found ~2 times a year
  3. International airmail only cost flat 4$!
  4. Find out the order sum sweet spot for your country
  5. DHL and UPS may charge for customs clearance
iherb rewards

iHerb rewards Code Guide