iherb affiliate program

iHerb Affiliate Program can be a healthy way to make money

iHerb Affiliate Program, what is that?

iHerb.com offers the greatest referral code system for natural supplement in the world (my opinion). I have made over 160 $ in revenue by referring the iHerb coupon code just to my family! Heck 160 $, although I order most of the supplements for them myself.

How do you get to participate?

It’s easy:

  1. Click on the iHerb coupon code XEB122.
  2. Place your first order and enjoy the 5 $ discount from your first order.
  3. Once you’ve ordered, you eligible to receive a very own iHerb coupon code! (It looks like XEB122 – three letters and three digits)
  4. Log in with your email address (one that you gave iHerb) and with iHerb password to rewards.iherb.com
  5. You’ll receive an iHerb rewards policy agreement window. Accept the terms and you’re all set! You’ll receive your own iHerb rewards code via email and you’ll see it in rewards.iherb.com main window, when logged in.
  6. Share this iHerb rewards code with your friend via text message, social media, a blog or when he/she asks how come you look so beautiful over the coffee you’re having. (Tell him/her how you’ve just ordered top ten supplements from iHerb.com.)
  7. Help your friend to get started with the order process at iHerb.com. Enjoy the iHerb rewards pouring in.
  8. Use your generated rewards at iHerb.com or the rewards above $300 you can ca$h out. The choice is yours.

iHerb rewards, what’s in it for you? Why should you care?

You love your family and your best friends. Sure! You have taken the steps to become a healthier version of yourself with proper supplementing. Check! I’m sure that you would wish the same for your friend. iHerb rewards will reward you with a generous 5 % income from any order your referrals places during the whole next 12 months. After that you still get 5 % from any orders they make!

Even if your friend is already an iHerb customer you can tip him/her about the new product he/she would love. If your friend never ordered it before, you will enjoy the rewards.

Let’s do some math:

  1. Your friend orders “my daily 10” -supplements using your iHerb rewards code.
  2. That’s roughly 2,5 months worth of supplements. Price is around 100 $.
  3. Once your friend places the order, you will receive 5 % from this 100 $ purchase + 5 dollars straight away! It’s 10 bucks for you to use as a discount towards your next supplements.
  4. Next 2,5 months pass by and your friend just loves the fact that these supplements have raised his/her energy-level through the roof. He/she orders again 100 $ worth of supplements. Guess what, you’ll get 5 dollars again!
  5. During the first year, multiply this by 4 and you’ll get 25 $ from just one referral! You’ll get to use this 25 $ to cut your supplement costs. Your friend enjoys better health and the best prices for supplements because of you. Everybody is happy!
iHerb rewards are renewed and simplified

iHerb rewards are renewed and they’re great for you!