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Should we start a series of short videos about health tips? We could make short, one minute long series of videos with various health topics. Quick health bites.

Power of the video

Seems like videos are very powerful way to communicate information. Therefore we’re using this new way to spread out the well-being news for you. The new videos will not be created in this nice cartoon style, but more traditional face-time raw video.

You can already find couple of videos from our Youtube-channel

What would you like to see?

Please let me know that what kind of health tips you’d like to hear. Would exercise videos or recipe videos be good? We could talk about meditation or different brain games. Please let my know at Youtube comments or at Facebook-page.

Because of this demand to consume information in a video form, we’ll do our best to help you out.

In addition to videos

We are also going to start to make shorter blog entries about nutrition, supplements, iHerb news etc… Because people nowadays are extremely busy, it’s hence important to keep the info feeds short.

Long post entries to write are very time taking and brain power consuming tasks. We are very confident that shorter health bites are more effective way to communicate good nutrition, fitness and iHerb news.

Video manuscript

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