Healthiest food

The sun. Isn’t it lovely when the sun is shining from the cloudless sky? You probably feel great when the sun is up and this isn’t a coincidence. The sun is our ancient symbol of life, strength, power, energy and higher self.

I have one great guideline which I follow when it comes to eating the healthiest foods in the world.

The starting point is that the world’s healthiest foods comes from the sun, water and earth minerals. Let’s dive in.

Almost all of our energy comes from the sun. This is the same energy that our plants use for photosynthesis. This energy combined with carbon oxide, earth minerals and water is basically all we eat! This is the core. Everything else, like vitamins, enzymes, good bacteria, fats, amino acid etc. emerge around this phenomenon. Of course there are some exceptions to the rule, like fungi and bulk minerals like salt, but the sun, water and earth minerals is what we mostly eat.

There are two main paths on my “eating the world’s healthiest foods” -guideline. These two paths I’m talking about are 1, how to choose plant foods and 2, how to choose the animal products. Both of them include the same principle. Follow the shortest route to the roots and don’t lose the sun on the way!

The most abundant “food” in the world is the grazing grass of the sea, phytoplankton. Second amplest food group must be the grass itself? (No source for this. What’s your thought?) These two nutrient dense plant matter happens to be the root sustenance of our food chain. I like to have a lot of these two foods in my food chain. Nonono no, I don’t eat grass, nor do I supplement with phytoplankton. I mean that I like to eat the animal products that are directly linked to these most primordial, nutrient dense, and hugely available foods. This means that my diet is high in wild caught fish, crustaceans, grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured poultry and pastured eggs. I avoid all “market meat” that is power-produced in feeding lots or in pens, meat that’s fed with non-food pellet grain.

With animal products, when you stray from that natural food chain you encounter in the animals the very same diseases of affluence’s that us people have. Grain-fed, feed lock animals are sick, hormonally imbalanced and they are injected with antibiotics and other drugs because of that. On the top of this there’s a huge problem with composition of this kind of meat. The meat, the protein part itself might not be so bad but the fat of these animals are so poisonous in many ways. Fat-tissue is what absorbs lot of these chemicals that these poor animals are stuffed with. The fat of these animals is also composed very wrong to be suitable for human nutrition. Omega 3 to 6 -ratio is very off in meat like this. A big no-no to eat. Go organic with the meat always when possible. Grass-fed beef or other properly raised livestock are one of the healthiest foods in the world.

What comes to plant based foods, try always to get your vegetables from the season that you are currently in. I try to avoid greenhouse raised stuff. Reason for that is that these products probably have a higher global price tag on them than ones which are raised in the real sun and soil, despite that they are shipped to Finland from countries like Spain, Marocco, Italy or United States. If possible, grow some of your favorite foods yourself. Potatoes, lettuce, cabbage, pumpkin, herbs and many other greens are quite easy to grow if you just have a small yard to do so. I like to scavenge all kind of herbs from the ground during the summer. Common nettle is one of the greatest herbs. I find these plenty from my summer house.

I like to support as much biodynamic agriculture as possible. Biodynamic means that the soil in which your plants are grown is always repleted with compost or with another organic fertilizer that contains much needed minerals, bacteria, enzymes and other small creatures which are essential for healthy and nutritious food product. Biodynamic farming also takes in consideration some other factors that are important. Factors like self-sustainability and locality is very important for overall balance of the nature. Too often we encounter a very destructive outcome for the nature when foreign species is brought to new place.

Think of your food as the sun and the water. Try to find foods that are connected as freely and as wildly as possible to these two sources of energy. The less time your food spends in between it’s natural growing habitat and your plate the better things are. More time your food items spend in dark places while produced, the worse this food probably is for you. I don’t mean that potato goes bad in a cellar, but a potato that is raised on your own well-maintained soil is probably far more nutritious than the one that was grown in chemically fertilized underground greenhouse.

You can probably see from here that I’m not a fan of any mass produced, prepackaged or convenience foods or any other industrial food produce. Less your food item has ingredients in it the better. Less there is package material the better. (no an Oreo you found from the floor is not a health food, though it might be better now with the bacteria.) The world’s healthiest foods are the foods that are the most connected to their natural natural environment and the food that is delivered to your plate in the freshest way possible!

My top 10: the world’s healthiest foods to eat:

  1. Wild caught fish
  2. Grass-fed beef (other pastured animal products)
  3. Broccoli
  4. Kale
  5. Pastured eggs
  6. Herbs (wide range also wild ones)
  7. Spices (turmeric, cayanne, ginger)
  8. Mushrooms (lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi, maitake)
  9. Coconut oil
  10. Grass-fed butter

My 5 take-aways:

  1. Eat fresh and what’s in the season
  2. Avoid all packaged foods
  3. Eat grass-fed/pastured meats
  4. You are what you eat. Food chain is a chain for a reason.
  5. Don’t be a pig that is caged and sick. Be a pig that is free and happy. (I’m a happy and free pig, oink!)

Stay on that narrow, but well-providing path that the sun and the water has lain in front of you.

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