wild lucid dreaming

Wild lucid Dreaming is for real.

Wild lucid dreaming (wake induced lucid dreaming) is freaking cool!

Wouldn’t you like to be fighting off zombies with Rick, Carl, Daryl, Maggie, Glen and Michonne? I did that one night. Have you tried flying? I tried, but that failed. I need to work on that. What else? I been working on my projects in my dreams before making them reality. Wild lucid dreaming is not just some poo-pooed science. It seems to be a very natural way of well-functioning brain to work it’s wonders.

Many great men and women in history used the power of the dreams to manifest their best ideas. Edison used to take something that he called power-napping. With a ball-bearings in his hand, he took a pleasant posture and zoned out (or in). Once he fell asleep the ball-bearings would drop and he woke up with a fresh idea or a solution on his mind. Nikola Tesla spoke in his autobiography about the power of visualizing things. He used a sleep mixed meditation techniques to come up with the most brilliant inventions. There was even this speech about certain dream that a man once had. Dreams are powerful! Tap into them!

Keep a dream journal. This allows you to create a kind of portfolio, or a profile of what your dreams are alike. This will help you later to identify them and to take part in them.

Do a reality checks. Create your own habit of reality checking. Reality checks are something that you can do every hour during your day. It can be something like a knock on your work desk, while asking yourself “is this real?”. That is exactly what I do. Make it a physical and auditive thing. Make it something that is funny, something that you may easily slip in to your day even that you would be in the middle of a social situation. Make it something that people may just think that is part of your appealing character. If you are successful, then you will time to time be able to take this action into your dreams…, and boom! You have opened a change to start wild lucid dreaming. Do this every time you are going to sleep. Consistency is the key.

Meditate. Most often when I’m able to go into a wild lucid dreaming state, it starts with a meditation session. Sometimes I allow myself to drift asleep while meditating. When I do this, often I find myself in a state in between sleep and awake. In this state we can inspect the things or problems we encounter freely and from many perspectives. Too bad that this condition usually last only for a brief moment.

Allow yourself to drift back to the dream. When you wake from a dream and you know that you still have time to sleep, do a reality check and after that immediately fall back to sleep. This may trigger a wild lucid dreaming.

Supplement with 5-HTP, Ashwagandha, L-Tyrosine and Alpha-GPC. It’s clear to me that your brain needs to be very abundant in neurotransmitter substances like serotonin, dopamine, phosphatidylserine in order for you to achieve wild lucid dreaming. Make sure that your diet is clean and you supplement with nutrients that supports your neurotransmitters. This is not only beneficial for wild lucid dreaming, but in overall well-being and happiness in your life. Very beneficial!

Watch a mind bending movies, series or play a captivating and visually stunning video games. Like admitted, I’m a zombie slayer! More visual or bizarre things seems to stick into your dreams as memorable ones. I think that we all have experienced this. More mundane things we might dream about more frequently, but these dreams we just don’t remember. More bizarre your dreams are, more the changes you got to tap into them and turn them into lucid dreams!

How is lucid dreaming a health thing? I think that if your brain is capable to dream lucidly it’s a telltale sign that you have a satisfactory amount of neurotransmitters at you disposal for some heavy caliber thinking. It’s not all fun and games. As noted before, the biggest benefit for lucid dreaming for me have been that I been able to tackle some a serious matters in my dream state. I have then applied these sleepy encounters to my very real, awake life.

Wild lucid dreaming take-away

  1. Keep a dream journal
  2. Do a reality checks
  3. Meditate
  4. Allow yourself to drift back to the dream
  5. Supplement with these best lucid dreaming supplements:
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Lucid dreaming supplements at iHerb.com. Coupon code XEB122 gives you $10 off from your first order of $40 or more!

(Note to Finnish readers: DO NOT ORDER 5-HTP from outside EU. Buy your 5-HTP from local a health store. Custom regulations.)

Honorable mentions:

-If you want F-up dreams, supplement with tribulus. I don’t know what causes this but I have experienced first hand and heard from many sources that tribulus can make your dreams crazy.

-Vitamin B6 is something that has many functions in replenishing your neurotransmitter pool. Well, taking the vitamin-B’s before sleep should be lucid thing. 😉


Silent Lucidity by Queensrÿche