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What Are Five Of The Best Whey Protein Brands?


If you want to add more protein to your daily diet, via a supplement, you will benefit from discovering five of the best whey protein brands. There are plenty of whey protein brands out there and selecting a good brand will be the key to accessing a high level of purity. The purer the product, the better the chances that it will help you to burn fat and develop more lean muscle.


Whey protein plays a prominent role in boosting the metabolism, which promotes weight loss. It also helps people to build muscle, since muscles can’t really grow without sufficient protein. Whey protein is a by-product of producing cheese and is also a popular way for people to get healthier and fitter.


1.) Bulk Supplements


This whey protein manufacturer has its headquarters in Nevada State and it currently produces more than two hundred dietary supplements. It has a customer base of three hundred thousand. You’ll find Bulk Supplements whey protein powders at large online retailers and they are also available via the official Bulk Supplements website.


2.) Optimum Nutrition


This company is owned by Glanbia and Optimum Nutrition produces a range of impressive dietary supplements which include whey protein. In fact, this company’s products have won awards due to their quality and purity. Every supplement is made in-house, so quality control is really top-notch.  One of the best tasting and performing whey supplements that I have found is the platinum HydroWhey by Optimum Nutrition, for a more detailed review check out here.


3.) Muscle Pharm


This corporation was launched in 2010 and it is a USA firm with a strong and positive reputation. This company has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado and its products are available on and offline. Muscle Pharm provides a high-quality range of nutritional supplements which are fortified with whey protein. It is probably easiest to find these products at a large online retailer or via the official Muscle Pharm website.


4.) Natural Force


This respected supplement manufacturer provides exceptional sports nutrition to its customers. Natural Force has a collection of whey protein powders and other sports supplements that earn raving reviews from many of its customers. As well, this company is known for its pure and natural formulations.


5.) Jarrow Formulas


This company is based in Los Angeles and it creates an assortment of supplements, some of which contain whey powder. The firm has been around since the 1970s, so it has a strong and positive reputation. Its dietary supplements are available all over the world.


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