Shoulder blade pain relief

Shoulder blade pain relief

Shoulder blade pain is something that you don’t want to struggle with.

You know this if you have ever experienced it. I have. I had a frozen shoulder due to my javelin throw past and later, because of passive work. If you never had a shoulder problems, good, keep things that way. Same principles apply for curing and preventing aching shoulder.

Our busy-passive, sitting saturated life-style is killing us. It causes countless health problems. These problems are now accumulating into a huge social disorder. I like to address the most common of these forgotten, but obvious, health issues and remedies for them. Most of these things are very minor in scale but major in caused pain. The fixes are often simple. Just plant a few good seeds of great habits in your premises.

The first in line is shoulder blade pain. Let’s review its usual causes and how to prevent it.

There are simple-to-do, everyday exercises or adjustments that are overlooked. These are very simple things that will make a huge difference in our lives and well-being, if we just do them. These changes in our daily lives hardly take any time, but the results may be mind-blowing. Start a few new good habits and exhibit them at your work place, allow yourself to become a thought leader in your community. The change to better begins with yourself, but it’s contagious.

Shoulder is the most flexible joint. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. I want to be able to reach the cookie drawer when I’m ninety.

Shoulder blade pain, what an annoyance. The most common cause for shoulder pain is a wrong placement of your shoulder joint. This is most often caused by an over active chest, which is inclined forward. This stretches your upper back muscles making them elongated and weak. As a result, your shoulders move forward in their sockets. When the shoulder joint is in a wrong position it causes your nerves to pinch against the acromion bone. What is the most common attempt to cure this…, a back massage. This is intuitive, but it’s Wrong! Here’s what we are going to do about it:

First of all, a massage might be a very good idea, but hop on that massage table face up! We need to massage open your chest, not the back. Second is that we have to strengthen our back muscles. Third, we should stop hunching in! Stop diving into your mobile phone. Instead lift it in front of your eyes, with shoulders back, chest and chin up and use it there. When you use a mouse, remember to bring your shoulders back and your elbow near to your body.

What are the supplements to help you to retain healthy or health your joints? Glucosamine is something that you might have heard of. It’s a synthesized nutrient that is a building block of shellfish and other crustacean creatures. Only problem is that this is not shown to do anything in humans. The supplements that I propose are MSM, aka methylsulfonylmethane, magnesium and type-II collagen. These are sure bets for improving your joint health. I’m not saying that glucosamine is not working but there’s very little proof to show for.

As you see, everything here is more of making new habits than anything else. Do you know what is great about these habits? Not only might they cure your shoulder blade pain, but one thing that these habits accomplish for sure is that you will become much more self-confident and a much more attractive and desired human-being. Try these things and see how you attract some eyes, and see how the postures of people in your space slowly but surely start to improve. This is a good seed to plant.

To help you to accomplish these goals I created a simple, 5 minute shoulder exercise. Professional gymnasts use a similar exercise. Do this every other day and it will relieve your shoulder blade pain.

The Video

The Take-away from shoulder blade pain

  1. Keep active! Keep your shoulder in a move
  2. Be present! Be aware of your shoulder posture
  3. Do the above exercise every other day
  4. Stretch your chest! Strengthen your back!
  5. Stop hunching! Elbows back, chest and chin up!


MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

Type-II collagen


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