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iHerb Propolis products may reduce your hay fever symptoms

iHerb Propolis, the natural fever remedy

Are you tired of being tired from your antihistamine flu fever drugs? Try something natural, try propolis. iHerb propolis products can help you to scope with your summer flues with ease.

Propolis is extracted from a bee hive. Propolis is a waxy substance that bonds the honeycomb together. It contains hundreds of natural compounds from flowers and their pollen. With this product you can inure your body to many allergens that may trigger your hay fever.

All natural ailment

The problem with allergic rhinitis is often the lack of exposure to natural allergens. These allergens are very natural to us, but they’re often too absent in our unnatural urban living environments. Nature comes to the rescue.

During the springs time, by slowly taking in these healthy allergens, pollen and other compounds from bee propolis, you can accustom your body from the blast that it will receive from airborne allergens later that summer.

Collecting bee propolis will not harm the bees. Although propolis is not vegan by definition, many people with mostly vegan lifestyle will still choose to nurture their bodies with this natural, ethical nutriment.

Other benefits of propolis

Hay fever prevention is not all that propolis offers. Bioflavonoids found in propolis are powerful antioxidants. It’s anti-inflammatory food which contains all known vitamins and is rich in amino acids. Propolis is real superfood.

Time to act is now

To receive the positive effect from propolis you need to start taking this supplement during the spring, early summer.

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Enjoy your summer with less hay cold symptoms!

iHerb propolis take-away

  • Act now, spring is the time to work up you immunity
  • Propolis is all natural
  • No bees are harmed harvesting propolis
  • Propolis is very healthy
  • Enjoy your summer!