iHerb promo code XEB122

iHerb promo code is always the same in value.

iHerb.com has the fairest and the most straightforward referral system ever encountered. Simply enter the first promo voucher you’ll find (Hint: XEB122) while you’re checking out iHerb store. You’ll receive up to $5 off from your first order.

People are searching for iHerb discounts around the internet. The discounts that you’ll find are:

  • The discounts of $5 from your first order with a promo code
  • A reduction or completely free shipping cost (announced at iHerb website)
  • Special product sales announced straight at iHerbs website
  • For returning customers there are on going campaigns for specific products or brands

Here’s a reminder of what iHerb discounts really mean.

  1. iHerb first time customer discount with promo code XEB122 $5 off!
  2. iHerb special sales straight from iHerb.com (iHerb Super Specials)
  3. iHerb clearance items (iHerb clearance items, beware of some cosmetic products which can have a compromised before date.)
  4. iHerb trials (iHerb Trial pricing)

Once you have placed your own first order you’ll receive your own iHerb coupon code. You can then share this referral code with your family, friends, social media and co-workers to make some $$$. After you have referred people to buy from iHerb store, you’re eligible for iHerb rewards. iHerb rewards work in a way that you’ll receive 6% from any purchase your referred person makes during the first year since referring. After the first year you’ll still receive 2% from all future purchases!

You tell your friend about iHerb and your coupon code. Your friend buys “strong daily 10 supplements”, valued in $100. Your friend receives $5 off from his/her order. You’ll receive $10 to your iHerb rewards account!

Cool, now you have some money on your rewards account, what then… You’ll get to use this $6 towards your next supplement purchase. Even better, once you accumulate $300 or more during 6 months to your rewards account, then you can withdraw this money.

I have written a more in depth pieces about iHerb rewards which you can find here: iHerb Rewards – The iHerb affiliate program

Get your iHerb coupon code here:
XEB122 – $5 off from your first order!

iherb coupon

iHerb promo code XEB122. Get $5 off from your first order!