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PSSupplementReviews want to thank you!

We have reached our 300th customer. Thank you for choosing iHerb coupon XEB122!

300 customers using the XEB122 promo code have ordered thousands of products. Many of these customers have ordered from iHerb multiple times. This shows that people love what iHerb has to offer. We love it too!

iHerb coupon that never expires

This iHerb coupon is always valid for all new customers. Receive 5 dollars off and enjoy -10% as loyalty credits from all orders! Hop in and enjoy the best natural product store in the world.

What’s new in iHerb in September 2016?

iHerb has a new functions to it’s website. You can now click add to cart from the search listings. Thus it’s easier than ever before to add your desired items to the shopping cart.

The International Airmail option is changed to Global Mail. This new Global Mail shipping method is dirt cheap for all orders above 40$us! You can get the shipping for small, light items for 2.80$us! Only downside is that for smaller orders the shipping is now buck or two more expensive.

The shipping weight and cost limits has increased a bit from the old Airmail method. Limits used to be 3.6 pounds and 80$us. Today you can order up to (4 pounds) and you can order up to 100$us!

iHerb news – Changes to code applying method

We are sorry to inform that we needed to change our -one click- coupon apply system. We need to take you to another page first, from where you can then apply the code and be taken to iHerbs website. This is due Google have made changes to it’s search ranking algorithm that the sites which include affiliate marketing links does not show very well in Google rankings. This was affecting our site a lot and it needed to be changed from our side.

The process is still lighting fast. Clicking any iHerb goo.gl -link on this page takes you to another website from where you can then with simple one click open iHerbs website and activate the coupon code automatically. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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