How to treat the flu naturally?

How to treat the flu naturally? iHerb provides the best cures for all ailments that fall may bring!

How to treat the flu naturally?

It’s autumn and you’re getting back to work from your well earned vacation. Your kids may start school again. You know what this can mean to your health. Fall can bring all kind of flues and other ailments. Let see what we can do to fight back rampant pathogens and cold weather with help from supplements and other goods from iHerb. With iHerb coupon code you can get up to $10 off from your first order. Don’t fall sick!


It’s important to keep well hydrated during the fall season. Water is the element that allows you to flush away all impurities that your body will have to encounter. Water by itself is still not enough to keep you 100% safe. You’ll need proper minerals along with it to keep the antioxidant properties of your body fluids working.

Don’t just rely on tap water. consume enough watery green vegetables like cucumber, pumpkin, celery and zucchini to get good amount of real bioactive water from nature.


Important antioxidant for your body. Studies still are inconclusive in zinc therapeutic use in flu. Nevertheless it’s well known fact that zinc is crucial component in good human immune levels. Get zinc with iHerb coupon code here: Chelated zinc


Magnesium is not usually related to cold symptom relieving. There still might be something in magnesium that can blow the flu away.

Magnesium is like eleventh abundant mineral in body. It has a hugely important role to play in proper nerve signaling functions and in relaxing the muscles. When you come to thing about flu and cold symptoms you often think muscle soreness. This muscle soreness is due to flu bugs invading your muscles, joints and tendons. Magnesium might help you to keep out these inflammation causing pathogens. Get magnesium with iHerb coupon code here: Magnesium Citrate


Glutathione is your master antioxidant. It’s very important to keep the levels of glutathione high in your body all the time. Especially during autumn it can be a good idea to supplement with L-Cysteine, which is the precursor from antioxidant glutathione. L-Cysteine can be scarcity in diet.


Tea is great. Try warm, huge cup of matcha tea with spices and honey.

Antioxidants are the compounds in your body that works like a vacuum cleaner. Antioxidants catches bad bugs and brings them to be eliminated by liver, kidneys, lungs etc… Matcha tea, spices and honey are all antioxidant bombs. BOOM! Get teas with iHerb coupon code here: Tea

  • Ginseng
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Honey

Neti pot

It’s a good idea to keep your sinuses clean while flu season. May be hippie woo woo, but it really works and make you feel more fresh. Worth the try! Get neti pot with iHerb coupon code here: Neti pot


Good sleep cannot be empathized enough! I have written an article how to sleep better. Read it here -> How to sleep well – Simple sleep hacks

Natural flu treatments Take-Away:

  1. Fall in line with health and good habits
  2. Drink enough water and eat watery vegetables
  3. Zinc, magnesium and L-Cysteine!
  4. Warm, big cup of matcha tea with spices
  5. Flush your sinuses and sleep tight