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iHerb astaxanthin can make you more energized.

iHerb astaxanthin, a miracle in a pill?

Is astaxanthin a miracle or is it just another fad supplement? Could it be a scientifically proven powerhouse of a nutrient that we all should take…, a new fish oil?

For the past couple of months we have been just in awe with this new wonder substance called astaxanthin. This thing is amazing. The hype behind this supplement it’s not just woo woo.

Natural astaxanthin is a chemical compound found in sea life, first in algae, then found up the food chain. Crab, lobster, other crustaceans and especially salmon fish are filled with it. It’s this carotenoid that gives these creatures and the salmon meat its pink color. Flamingos are pink too, thanks to astaxanthin.

As an antioxidant astaxanthin is unique. Most antioxidants can turn in to pro-oxidants (bad). Pro-oxidants cause oxidation in the body. Astaxanthin does not do this. It will remain as an antioxidant as long as it’s effecting in your body. This will make it über potent.

Better immunity with antioxidants

The studies people make in the field of peak human performance, super immunity or longevity often leads to free-radical reduction. Now studies have shown that one of the most potent free-radical killer is astaxanthin.

To make your immune system as effective as possible the best bet to make is to take astaxanthin and another master antioxidant glutathione. To make sure that your glutathione production in your body is top-notch follow the following dietary formula:

  • L-cysteine
  • L-glutamic acid
  • glysine
  • selenium
  • zinc
  • astaxanthin

L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid and glysine are the forming amino acids to glutathione. Selenium and zinc are the mineral vessels for this master antioxidant that enables the cellular level activation. (The link takes you to an iHerb shopping cart with these products in it. Opens in a new window)

Eye health and astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is effecting your eyes as a free-radical scavenger. It can help to repair accumulated macular deterioration and prevent cataract.

The new type of energy that you receive from astaxanthin makes the muscles behind your eyes much more durable and resilient. You’ll be able to concentrate on screen work or any other high eye perception requiring work for hours and hours.

Have the skin that you deserve!

Astaxanthin effects your skin health in many ways. The sun is one of the worst actors when it comes to oxidation. When you expose yourself to the sun, it’s very important that you have a lot of healing factors working on your epidermis, the protective layer of your skin. Astaxanthin is one of these healing factors. Other factors are selenium, zinc and the natural oils of your skin.

While back we published an article about skin health and beauty. Please read the article from here: How to get glowing skin You’ll receive more information about how to achieve that great skin that you have always wanted.

Astaxanthin and hard training

A small study showed that trained athletes using astaxanthin showed no DOMS (delayed offset muscle soreness) after 48 hours from vigorous exercise. The control group experienced noticeable muscle soreness. This means that if you’re an exercise enthusiast or a pro athlete, you’ll benefit tremendously from this supplement. The dosage used in the study was 12 mg.

It’s being studied that it’s actually astaxanthin that makes salmon a tireless swimmer!

Astaxanthin and longevity

Are you one of us who want to live to be a centenarian and wonder what’s happening in the 22nd century world? This supplement is for you. Many studies have shown time after time that reducing the free-radical impact on our bodies correlates with a longer life span.

Astaxanthin can cross the blood-brain barrier. This antioxidant will protect your brain and central nervous system and can reduce your risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

There’s no guarantees for these kind of things, but we like to place the best bets available when it comes to being functional as long as possible. At this time, astaxanthin seems to be one of the ways to go.

Astaxanthin dosage and use

It’s commonly agreed that 4 mg of astaxanthin is a good daily dosage. The best astaxanthin comes from Hawaii and Nutrex Hawaii brand is one of the more respected ones. But it might be ok to vote with our wallets and go with the less expensive product, like Now Foods. They both are from the same source, just a different producer.

You should always take your astaxanthin with meals containing fats. This antioxidant is fat soluble.

Closing words

Astaxanthin is at this date still a very expensive supplement. Please, don’t make this a decisive factor for not to buy it. Countless studies and user experiences shows that this 6-10 € monthly expense can pay itself back many fold. Antioxidant potential in this one supplement is so great that you may save that money in those two early flu related doctors appointments that you can now skip.

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Lets stay healthy and good looking!

iHerb Astaxanthin Take-away:

  1. Improved immunity
  2. Increased energy
  3. Increased strength
  4. Better skin and sun resilience
  5. Potentially live longer

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