How to sleep well?

Getting good sleep is more important for your cognitive functions than any other mean available. How to sleep well? Simple sleep hacks helps!

There are simple sleep hacks that you can easily add to you evenings. They hardly take any time nor money. Benefits from these sleep hacks can be life altering. Let’s see how to sleep well

I have six different sleep hacks that I use daily. You can too. Like said, almost no money spent!

  1. Compression pants
  2. Late evening walk
  3. F.lux software
  4. Acupressure mat
  5. Dark room
  6. Read a book

1. Compression pants

God dang, my Batman pants. I hardly go anywhere without them. You never know when the city needs me! OK, summer is coming and these tights are little too hot for daily use. I try to wear them always when I’m training or having my evening walk. What these magical pantaloons do then?

They give you a steady compression from your waistline down. This compression increases the blood flow on your legs. Once you strip out of your compression pants, you will receive a warm, whole body relaxation. This soothing feeling is great. It will help you to calm down before the bed time. Loose the tights in last possible minute before heading to bed.

Compression pants have many other benefits too. We all can benefit from them.

2. Late evening walks

This is pretty self-explanatory. Late evening walks, preferably when it’s dark consumes calories. It takes our eyes of from screens and if possible, from bright lights. Evening walks have a primitive effect on your brain that kinda tells you that “It’s dark and I’m heading to my cave to be save”. Fresh air also relaxes the body. Easy things, like a walk around your block can be that critical piece in search how to sleep well.

3. F.lux software

F.lux is a brillia…, no that’s a bad adjective to describe this product. F.lux is a software that alters your computers’ or handheld devices’ screen color to match the more natural spectrum of light. It’s doing this according to your timezone and therefore, the sun. At least for a PC this software is a freeware. Free to download, free to use. It’s dim how great this product is!

It can take some time to get used to the more amber tint screen. Benefits for using this product still surpass any annoyance it causes.

4. Acupressure mat

Aah…, aaargh, aah, uuh, ouch, ah, uh, ooooh. You might feel this way when you’re first using the acupressure mat. It’s normal. Despite the uneasiness of using the mat for the first time, you’ll still reap the benefits from the get-go. Don’t let these little stings to discourage you from using the mat. Once you get used to the stinginess, you just feel the relaxation from it.

Acupressure mat may help you with sore and tight neck and back muscles too. Buy it and try for the sleep and see if it can help you with other things too.

5. Dark room!

I know, scary. This is the best thing in the world that you can do to help your sleep. It is easy! It hardly takes any money. We all can acquire material to manufacture a proper blackout curtains.

Blackout the doors and windows completely. Remove all electronic stuff with leds or any other lights from your bedroom. Do these few, free hacks and enjoy much deeper, better, more relaxing and more rejuvenation sleep. And better dreams too.

6. Read a book

This is one of the best sleep hacks. It’s educative too. Reading something just before the bed calms your body down and primes you for sleep. Bonus here is that you may also take some of your readings in to your dreams and do, God knows what kind of breakthroughs with your research or maybe you spend a night with Christian Grey.

How to sleep well Take-away

  1. Although it’s among the most valuable things in the world, sleep is cheap!
  2. Sleep hacks are easy. Just do them!
  3. Dim the lights
  4. Relax and have oxygen
  5. Blackout the room and blackout!

Bonus sleep hacks: Take a magnesium, valerian root and ashwagandha supplements. Cheap and effective!

It’s eleven pm here. Good night! I’m of to sleep now… Why I mentioned that Christian Grey…, I’m scared now. Should I sleep with the lights on…