How to get glowing skin – Get the glow that your skin deserves naturally

How to get glowing skin

We all want to get that glowing skin. We are looking for that youthful beauty from many directions. Makeup, lotions, serums, base, this, that and beyond is sold to us in masses. They give us the premises that they are the key for glamorous gorgeousness that you need to success in game of life.

Of course makeup is kind of a standard in modern world. Everything in moderation is OK, but the route we are on today is destroying the very thing that we are looking for. The youthfulness will disappear underneath the toxic load we spray upon us.

I’m assured that healthy skin is more of a product of what’s happening beneath the skin rather than what is applied to the surface of your skin. Let’s dive in little deeper.

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iHerbs Collagen

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Collagen is what keeps you looking young. Your body start to lose its ability to produce sufficient amounts of collagen around age of 25. The collagen genesis starts to slow down, but you’re not doomed at this point. There are ways to slow down this decline too. Adding more collagen to your diet is the best and easiest way to do that. I’ll give notable mentions for few other collagen increasing natural tips at the end of this article.

Collagen is a bunch of amino acids from a tissue derived typically from a fish or a beef. It’s what makes our cartilage, ligaments, tendons and sub-layer of skin. It’s vital for skin renewal and ligament elasticity. Collagen is needed so that our skin keeps its firmness and suppleness.

So collagen is not only a beauty supplement but one of the super ingredients for healthy, well functioning body.

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iHerbs MSM

iHerbs MSM

MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane, is a organic sulfur compound that has many benefits in human body. Its main function is to keep up the pH-balance and aid in nerve signaling. So how does this link to radiant skin? Let me share my thoughts.

Getting clear nerve signaling to any cell is a key for individual cell health. PH-balance is a thing that aids nerve signaling to work as it should. Inner skin cells (dermis) are supposed to produce new, lipids heavy outer skin cells (epidermis) at very fast rate. This is simply not possible if the base of the skin does not receive proper nutrition or nerve signals.

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Astaxanthin from iHerb

Astaxanthin is an unique carotenoid and an unique antioxidant.

When it comes to free-radical scavenging the astaxanthin is far better than any other antioxidant. The studies says that it beats it’s more acknowledged competitors, like vitamin-E, vitamin-C and CoQ10, many fold.

Astaxanthin has a potential to neutralize suns UV-rays before they cause any damage to your skin. Even after there is a damage done to your hide, this powerhouse antioxidant can aid in cell repair better than any other antioxidant.

Astaxanthin penetrates into your cell membranes and will bring you that desired glow from within. Did you know that flamingos are beautifully pink thanks to astaxanthin. You will not turn pink. There’s no reported adverse reaction to this supplement.

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Fish oil (Lipids and Vitamin A)

iHerbs Fish Oil

iHerbs Fish Oil

Did I hear someone say lipids? Yes, lipids, they share a big importance in skin health. Your outer skin layer is filled with lipids. Lipids are like droplets of fats that contains vitamins, enzymes and other antioxidants. In epidermis (outer skin) they act as a shielding agent. Epidermis contains antibacterial compounds which fights of the infectious pathogens. And did you know that the outer layer of skin is made waterproof thanks to lipids.

Human body is very clever in producing necessary fats when they are absent in the diet. But the fact that the human body produces the fats, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to eat proper dietary fats with your daily eats. You might feel very OK with low fat diet, but the lipids made from good dietary fats are very good for you. (And I have a secret for you: eating fat doesn’t make you fat)

Fish oil is not only good for your heart but its also ideal for boosting skin health. It naturally contains the fat lipids, vitamins and the antioxidants that are good for your skin and beauty.

Vitamin A, retinol is very important for a healthy skin. This vitamin is in the fish oil and that’s great. Vitamin A has a function to guide the skin renewal process. Fish oil has the workers and the foreman in the same package.

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Evening primrose oil (GLA)

iHerbs Evening Primrose

iHerbs Evening Primrose

I’m not gonna write anything more about evening primrose oil other than try it! There is too little studies about this product, its main component, GLA-fat (Gamma-linolenic acid) and its dermatological functions. GLA is not well studied because it’s natural supplement which has very little business potential.

Why do I encourage you to try it? GLA is very natural, healthy polyunsaturated fat. I have two encounters in my family where GLA have helped to get rid of once an atopic skin rash and another time eczema symptoms. This itself is a testament that GLA really improves the skin renewal which is the main issue in atopy.

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iHerbs Selenium

iHerbs Selenium

Selenium is highly important for your main antioxidant, glutathione to form and to work. As we know that antioxidant are the compounds that fights off the free radicals, oxidation stress, thus aging.

Your cells should contain amino acids called selenocysteine and selenomethionine which are amino acids bound to selenium. These special particles in your body are needed for proper antioxidant function and nerve signaling.

Adequate selenium intake may relieve severe acne symptoms.

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iHerbs Zinc Glycinate

iHerbs Zinc Glycinate

Zinc’s role in the skin beauty is pretty similar as selenium’s. Zinc is needed for vitamin A to activate and zinc has a antibacterial properties. Zinc is very important nutrient for wound healing. It has a direct effect on RNA and DNA and it conduct a very important duties in nerve signaling too. Once a nutrient gets to act on gene level, it’s very important that the intake of this nutrient is in a Goldilocks zone. More than often this means that you should add more of it to your diet.

Studies have shown that one suffering from acne very often have a lower serum zinc levels.

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iHerbs Magnesium

iHerbs Magnesium

Magnesium should be everyone’s favorite supplement. It makes us a better functioning people. Magnesium effects in human body are so diverse that listing them takes an article of its own.

Magnesium’s effect in glowing skin is just as many faced as its health functions are. It, as zinc, has the ability to affect your RNA and DNA sequence. In another words your cells needs the right amount of magnesium to work up to their full potential. Thus good magnesium levels are absolutely needed for good health and the best possible skin that you can have.

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Honorable mentions to skin health

Diet and nutrition are the best ways to better your skin beauty. However there are many other factors that makes your hide more glamorous.


The magic happens during nights. While you’re asleep is when your body gets into the scanning and fixing mode. Your body breaks down old cells and builds new ones mostly when you’re resting. Have a good night sleep every night.


You can make this scanning and rebuilding phase last a little longer if you fast. It can be very beneficial to fast for a one day once a week. Once a week skip breakfast and lunch. That’s it.

Food choices

Eliminate sugar, artificial sweeteners and additives from your diet. Try whole foods for 2 weeks. See the difference.

This has a lot to do with your gut microbiome. It is responsible for manufacturing many of our vitamins and antioxidants. These vitamins and antioxidants benefits the skin. Feeding the microbiome with sugars lead to malfunctioning bacteria.

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Natural topicals

There’s nothing wrong cleaning your skin with natural oils. There’s nothing wrong with shea butter. Lemon juice is great way to rejuvenate your facial skin.

Movement and play

Lymphatic system is the sewage system of your body. Lymphatic system needs movement to work properly. Jump, sprint, crawl, swing, play. Move your body to stay healthy and young.


Have sun. Sun-rays makes vitamin D on you skin. It’s one of the most potent antioxidants for your skin. Have sun, but don’t burn yourself. Sun is the youth bringer and too much sun is youth killer.

Cold showers

Cold shower will activate your capillaries and they can increase the collagen production. Try it if you dare.

How to get glowing skin Take-away

  1. Young or old, it’s crucial to have enough collagen in our diet.
  2. MSM keeps up the skins pH-balance.
  3. Include quality fats in your diet. Even saturated fats!
  4. Vitamins and antioxidants plays a huge role in skin health.
  5. Sleep, play, eat good foods and have sun but don’t burn yourself!

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