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How to feel more awake and get more energy

  1. Powerful start to the morning! Read more about step number 1 in this blog post here: 5 Morning habits – Powerful start to the morning
  2. Breakfast for the champion! Read more about great breakfast here: Breakfast, Never look at it the same again
  3. Meditate. Take a moment just for yourself.
  4. Walk. Benefits of walking – Walk like your life depends on it!
  5. Avoid sitting
  6. Schedule your every day
  7. Winners’ lunch!
  8. Take your supplements. Top 10 daily supplements.
  9. Smile a lot
  10. Active burst of work (30-45 min), rest 5-10 min.
  11. Have social encounters every day. We are social animals.
  12. Start with a small goals. The start is the most important thing of getting anything done. Stop Procrastinating.
  13. Refuel your body with a proper diner
  14. Read a self-help book. It’s crazy, but these are often so silly that you’ll quickly find a better things to do, thus becoming energized.
  15. Get some sun.
  16. Push yourself to the limits once a week.
  17. Take a walk.
  18. Prepare for a good sleep. Dim the light sources in your house
  19. Plan good things for the next day. Schedule something great for the first thing in the morning. Think yummy breakfast!
  20. Gratitude journal. Thank everyone and everything that made your day. Especially thank yourself.
  21. Darken the room, sleep tight. Read about the simple sleep hacks!


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