The next time you look in the mirror. Think about this. In many ways you are more microbe than human.

Do you sometimes feel depressed, anxious, irritated or moody? It’s possible that you suffer from a messed up gut microbiome.

Our bacteria population might dictate more things in our life than we know. New findings shows that what happens inside your digestive system has a much greater function than just to melt your food for you. A well-maintained gut microbiome is a thing of beauty, it seems. I believe in this. Any sane person should take a further look into this topic.

Studying the flora in our intestines is a quite new field of research. No knowledge is complete, but so many extremely beneficial snippets of information have been found. Studies about the harmful effects of excess use of antibiotics is one for instance. Scientists at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, have shown that the right gut bacteria is proven to protect the layers not only within your intestines, but also they protect your blood-brain barrier. These findings might be one key to understand the microbiomes’ impact in the mood. There are other found influences that we have known for sometime. A proper microbiome develops gases and other compounds which can react with neurotransmitters and the vagus nerve, thus effecting the brain. The one most potent function of good bacteria must be that they help you to digest your nutrition the most efficient way.

How to fully cure your ill-functioning microbiome or how to make a now OK gut to reach the bulletproof-status, we might not yet know. Nevertheless it’s very useful and wise to start taking the steps into the right direction. Let me show you how I tend to my tummy. Remember that this stomach was a stomach that was extremely sick and unhappy at one point of my life.

See, sick is a state of the body and unhappy is a state of the mind. Why the saying, “unhappy stomach”? I think that it was an intuitive description of our ancestors.

To make things easier, I’ll shoot you with the bullet-points:

  1. Cut all gluten from your diet (nowadays, I may have some now and then)
  2. Frown at most added sugar (a gluten free candy, cookie or a cake every other day is a smiley factor)
  3. Walk daily (shake it baby! it’s important to keep things moving inside too)
  4. Eat probiotic foods, like raw vegetables, sauerkraut and other fermented stuff
  5. Supplement with probiotics daily
  6. Supplement with enzymes daily
  7. Eat fresh herbs
  8. Boys, don’t be shy to go (further) down…, and investigate the most fun way to get good addition to your gut microbiome. I know, gross.

I did all these things to improve my gut and overall health. A stomach that once was miserable and not always my friend, is now smiling along with me.

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