Walking benefits

Benefits of walking can be life altering. The easiest and cheapest way to improve your health, for sure!

Benefits of walking

While ago I wrote an article: 21 steps for more energy. Now I’m taking a deeper dive into each individual step. Please, come walk with me.

Walk like your life depends on it

Wise men/women walks. Throughout the times man have been walking just to stay alive. To stay alive is one task that shouldn’t be overlooked. Only the smartest and the best adapted creatures survive. Walking is the one of the main reasons we are still alive. Staying alive in this hostile world can be called wisdom. Are you wise enough to take the challenge and to start your daily walking routine?

History of walk tided to the history of man

Ancient man have faced many adversities. From which many of them they wouldn’t survived without our great ability to cover great distances by walking. Mass exoduses haven’t happened just for the curiosity. Masses of people have been on the move because they’d had to move. We moved because of the droughts, lack of food, floods, ice, overpowering enemies or for what ever reasons.We can argue about the red sea parting, but the ability to walk is a blessing.

Our nomadic lifestyle was quite effective. Unlike the most of our fellow primates and mammals, we weren’t strictly constricted to the good grace of our habitat. So once the things went south we had the means to move, adapt and survive. Not only that walking gave us the ways to survive, but it also gave us the awareness that we can search for the better life. Being able to roam the lands we found new sources of nutrition and saver places to raise our little ones. More importantly, by moving and receiving new stimulus, we increased our knowledge.

Because of lack of areal restrictions we humans became the leading animal of the earth. We built the wisdom of human genome by walking!

The importance of walking

The importance of walking is an individual as well a societal concept. At first every man/woman took that trip to the watering hole personally. Then man came up with the pottery. Few took the walk and others where able to give their focus elsewhere. This same phenomenon is repeating itself. Today we can have experiences via Internet, books, music, movies. We go places without moving. More and more people joins the ranks of giving their focus elsewhere. Fewer and fewer people makes the walk. We think that the distraction is an attraction. We forget that it’s really the watering hole where the actual good resides.

There’s nothing wrong with going places the all new way. When we travel through the lands and time via Internet, books and schools we are growing our knowledge and wisdom. It very well might be that the Internet, space and the virtual reality will be the next frontier, our next reality. Some trans-humanist people are more than willing to welcome this future. Meanwhile waiting for the singularity it’s important not to forget the importance of walking. This one thing that once worked wonders for us is by no means obsolete.

Singularity as in science fiction is not yet here. Before we can cast our minds to the custody of a machine it’s absolute crucial for us to keep our bodies in great shape. You wouldn’t dare to upload your brain to the machine with a change of 25% of success, would you? Same goes with your body. Don’t let it be that 25 percentage. Our body is the hardware that drives our minds will. Mind is the operating system of our body. If you’d have to upload your mind to a computer, you would absolute want that computer to be 100 percentage reliable. Same goes with your body. Why not aim for your personal 100 percentage there?

Invention of pottery probably led for a better world. The Internet “havedone”/will do the same, but let’s be wise about which traits we are willing to sacrifice at the altar of the future man. We are upon a dreaded chance to lose something very important, the body-mind connection.

Walking and the body-mind connection

Walking is the best way to fortify your body-mind connection. Some might say that the best way would be meditation. That’s a fair point. Many of us may have to overcome the disabilities of our bodies by reinforcing the mind aspect. If the body is weakened forcibly by an accident or a disease, it’s then only natural for the mind part to take more power to keep the balance. However if you have no real trauma inflicted at your body and you let your health to degrade, you will be thrown out of the balance no matter how hard you meditate and work on your mind.

It doesn’t matter if your are an Olympian athlete or a quadriplegic Olympian athlete, nevertheless the body’s part of the connection is there and it’s need for every well-functioning man or a woman. Balance is the key. Your body-mind is wise. Nothing is more handicapped than a fundamentally healthy person who ignores his/her bodily health.

Walking can be an exercise and meditation at the same time. Find a save, traffic free place to walk. Lay your soft gaze at the horizon, fall forward and let your wise body to take over the stepping process. Let your striving happen by itself. You’ll be free to experience and absorb everything happening around you. You’re just traveling your vehicle and enjoying the view along the way.

It’s been proven time after time that the body affects the mind and visa versa. Make sure that you’re taking care of both of them with the right balance. Your body will tell your mind when to be active. Your mind will tell your body when to rest and process your toughs. Just listen. Your body-mind is wise.

The only singularity that we can experience today is our mind-body connection.

Health effects of walking

The best health effects of walking are related to the calming effect of walking. Your blood pressure is regulated better if you walk regularly. Your cardiovascular health will improve with leaps and bounds. When you walk your body will actually form new capillary.

What becomes of choosing your gear. Try to find flat sole walking shoes, shoes with no heel drop. This way you can experience the natural posture while walking. Of course dress well according to the weather.

Nature effect

The positive effects of walking are increased drastically when you walk in the nature. Try to find a park or a real forest to walk in. Also uneven terrain gives amazing boost to the exercise part of walking.

Things as important as walking are good sleep and healthy foods. You can read an articles about these topics here:

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Let’s take a walk. That’s a wise thing to do.

Walk away with these things:

  1. Walking increases your wisdom
  2. You can discover new things
  3. Fortify your body-mind connection
  4. Lower your blood pressure
  5. Go to middle of the nature