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Azelaic Acid from iHerbs Azelique products. See and feel the difference.

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Azelaic Acid from iHerb – Azelique products

Azelaic acid is used around the world for many purposes. It’s known to ease the acne symptoms. Girls and men, especially in asia, use it to hinder their skin pigmentation and tanning.

Azelaic Acid is originally a compound found in nature. It signals the plants distress when it faced with trauma. Wounded plant is prone for infections so this compound starts off the antibacterial fight.

Rosacea, acne and melasma cure

Azelaic acid mechanism in human body is not well known. In another hand the good effects of it are widely reported. People with various skin conditions have found a huge help from azelaic products. Acne may get better because of the strong antibacterial quality it posses. Rosacea and melasma symptoms may fade when azelaic acid react on skin melanin by lowering it.

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Natural cleansing power

Azelaic Acid is strongly antibacterial. Topically use of it will naturally cleanse the skin and it pores. It can reduce inflammation and exfoliate the skin. It is suitable for all type of skin. One with sensitive, inflamed or reddish skin especially may benefit from Azelique Cleanser product.

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