5 morning habits to make your mornings rock!

Some time ago I wrote a post HOW TO FEEL MORE AWAKE – GET MORE ENERGY. It has 21 points on how to achieve more energy with some daily routines. That post didn’t go into details so let’s dive in to the deep. First in line, 5 greatly powerful morning habits to change the course of the day.

Too many of us wake up only because our daily duties force us to do so. We give ourselves minimum time to get ready for a school or work. This is mostly because we think that every minute of sleep counts and benefits our life. Getting enough sleep is an important part of our life. Even more important thing is the MOMENT YOU TAKE FOR YOURSELF. 15 minutes in the morning can turn the whole course of our day to rocket up. These 5 morning habits helps you to kick off the day in a right way.

Morning habit #1 Get up and stretch like a cat

You don’t see your cat, dog or pet hamster getting up from its sleep without stretching first. I can’t see one reason why we humans shouldn’t stretch as well. Before we get up from the bed we should stretch our bodies as long as possible. We should concentrate and feel all the muscles and joints. We should activate our toes and fingers. It’s such a small thing that can make all the difference.

Stretching and focusing to your body only takes seconds of time, but what it does is nothing short from a miracle. By doing this you bring your attention to your body and mind. So this way your first thought of the day is focused right there where it matters. You bring your attention to the center of you.

The benefit of this habit is not only mental. I bet that you’ll be able to reduce any risk of injury by being more aware of what’s going on in your body first thing in the morning.

Morning habit #2 Turn your coffee or tea kettle on

Most of us drink COFFEE or TEA so this tip is an easy one. The point is to get a fresh smell of coffee floating around house while you finish your morning yoga or rejuvenating exercises. Get yourself stoked!

Morning habit #3 Do 5 minutes of yoga or whatever exercise

Yoga has become one of the most popular hobbies present years. Some would call it a life style. Do a quick yoga session in the morning. This gives your body and mind a great opportunity to get balanced and ready for the day. Yoga feels strange? You could do some sit ups, pushups and pull-ups. Whatever physical exercise feels right to you, do it.

There are many great videos in Youtube that gives you detailed instructions for yoga moves. You can also consider my SHOULDER BLADE PAIN RELIEF –exercise. That’s a great way to start your morning.

Morning habit #4 Read out loud your daily goals

Do you have daily goals? If you said no you might want to consider creating some.

It’s best to create goals in beforehand for the whole week. Leave some room for changes. Even if your main goal is to get through school or work, you might still benefit from writing that simple goal down and reading it out loud.

The goals you write don’t have to be great – save the world – type of goals. Even simple everyday task will be fulfilled with more ease if they are first written down. The great benefit of writing the goals down is that you’ll mind will adapt and will start thinking of goals as a list as well. You’ll teach your brain to be more organized.

  • 6.00 Wake up, stretch,
  • 6.10 Yoga
  • 6.20 Coffee trip
  • 6.45 Write an article to pssupplementreviews.com
  • 9.00 Learn Spanish in school
  • 12.00 Great food for lunch
  • 15.00 Great food from grocery store
  • 16.00 Pick up my baby
  • 17.00 Prepare great food
  • 19.00 Learn NS choke in BJJ
  • 21.00 Eat great food
  • 22.30 Sleep

Morning habit #5 Enjoy your coffee or tea

Enjoy your coffee or tea. If you feel that your coffee is there just to give you that jolt of energy and to get you through the morning, you should revisit the experience called coffee. Coffee can be much more than just burst of energy caused by caffeine and cortisol. Coffee is a delicate herb of a nature that can provide you much more than jittery energy.

Find out about specialty and artisan coffees that are totally different from normal market coffees. Normally you can’t compare a mass produced coffee with hand picked, hand crafted coffee.

You probably feel amazing when you return from your holiday to your workplace. There’s no reason why you couldn’t feel that amazing every morning. When enjoyed properly, a cup of great quality coffee can be an amazing 15 min trip to places you never visited before. So close your eyes and let the taste and the aroma of the coffee take you to the rain forest hills in Sumatra or to the cliffs of Kilimanjaro overseeing the vast east African savannah.

The same goes with the tea. Enjoy your day!

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