5-htp review

5-htp benefits displayed

TOP 5 5-HTP benefits:

  1. Better mood
  2. Better cognitive functions
  3. Suppress binge eating habits
  4. Calmness improvements
  5. Feel more motivated

Why should you supplement with 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan)?

There’s countless 5-HTP benefits. Varying from person to person you can experience following: Better sleep quality, Suppressed binge eating, Lesser withdraw symptoms, Uplift in your mood, Migraine relief, Easing of fibromyalgia pains, Improved motivation, Lesser Parkinson’s symptoms and many other benefits

Many people have found a profound improve in their mood after taking 5-HTP. Nowadays people are very inactive in their physical aspect of life. On top of that they are often inactive in their emotional aspect as well. We are not depressed because we are depressed. Depression is most often a derivation from physical inactivity, poor diet and social/emotional inactivity. Not so often depression is caused due to a mental disorder.

The happiness is a sum of many things. Most of times we can’t have them all. Sometimes it’s even hard to take the first step to be happy.

Enter 5-HTP!

The present time come with many burdens that can drag us down. Present time also bring us amazing opportunities. Science allows us some shortcuts in our pursuit of happiness. One of these new opportunities to achieve happiness is 5-HTP.

5-HTP is a powerhouse of a serotonin and melatonin booster. Increased melatonin can help you to calm down during the days and to sleep much better at nights. Serotonin gives you more energy. It will push you to do things that your inner-self wants you to do. Serotonin is the “purpose” -hormone. Newly found calmness, energy and focus will soon set you on a path finding new meanings for your being. You could say that 5-htp is a miracle motivation-pill.

What can you expect 5-HTP benefits to be?

5-HTP benefits, as stated, vary hugely from person to person. Serotonin works in many ways in human body. Science haven’t been able to figure all its pathways. Studies shown that 5-HTP can be effective with conditions such as:

  1. sleep disorders
  2. depression
  3. anxiety
  4. migraine and headaches
  5. fibromyalgia
  6. binge eating
  7. premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  8. ADHD
  9. Parkinson’s disease

If you suffer from any of these diseases you might get huge relief from 5-HTP supplement. Even if you’re a regular Jane or Joe you still can get benefit from it. People report higher alertness, less mood swings, better handle on hunger, higher motivation and better sleep when using 5-HTP.

Precautions before taking 5-HTP

Always consult with your doctor before taking any supplements like this. Do not take 5-HTP if you are medicating with any drug that is effecting your serotonin in any ways. You should first get off from drugs like SSRI’s, ADD-, ADHD-, Alzheimer pharmaceuticals and sleep pill with your doctors instructions. Pregnant and lactating women should probably not take 5-HTP.

If you’re a fitness athlete or a bodybuilder, you probably should not supplement with 5-HTP. It has such a calming effect that it will interfere with heavy lifting, sprinting or other explosive muscle work.

How does 5-HTP work?

5-HTP is the main ingredient in serotonin biosynthesis. It’s usually extracted from Griffonia simplicifolia flower seed. That makes 5-HTP a very natural product. 5-HTP has an ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. In human body free 5-HTP metabolize into serotonin. An enzyme decarboxylate 5-HTP molecule into serotonin. Most of serotonin functions are still oblivious to science. All we know is that it makes people to be happy, driven and to sleep better.

5-HTP benefits increase if you take the supplement with other serotonin boosting, non-drug supplements. Vitamin B6 is a key for the enzyme that metabolize 5-HTP to serotonin. To calm yourself try 5-HTP with ashwagandha and magnesium. If you are looking for more uplift, focus and mental alertness try it with l-tyrosine and alpha-GPC.

5-HTP, pathway to happiness

The happiness is a sum of many things. In many things there must be the first thing. Taking the first step is the hardest. 5-HTP can be that dramatic nudge to the right direction. Let the 5-HTP supplement to be your first step towards your newly found true happiness.

The true happiness:

Love, laughter, anger and cry

Still, alive, submerged and high

Trail of breadcrumbs, the open sea

Hail the tidal waves, come take me

Don’t give up, never let down

In this stream we only go around

Loving, laughing, still alive

5-HTP Benefits Take-away:

  1. Consult your doctor if you have any depression symptoms or medication before taking 5-HTP
  2. You might be able to turn your mildly depressive mood around
  3. Get better sleep
  4. Get better dreams
  5. Use together with vitamin B’s, l-tyrosine, ashwagandha, Alpha-GPC and magnesium for the best 5-HTP benefits

5-HTP Benefits